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Elementary Music Teacher Job Description

Teaching is a noble profession and those in this stream are revered for their work. Teachers are the ones who share their knowledge to students and others who come to seek it. Students from all age groups learn a number of productive and knowledgeable things from teachers. Some teachers also coach students privately. Teaching can be for various streams, be it arts, science and even hobbies. If you are planning to become a teacher, then you can opt for a career as an elementary music teacher in any school. The job of a music teacher can be a challenging as well as a rewarding experience if you are keen on sharing your knowledge of music with students of younger age groups. Let us take a look at the elementary school teacher job description, teaching music in schools as well as for private coaching.

Elementary Music Teacher Educational Requirements and Profile

Elementary music teachers coach students as individuals or groups, to play musical instruments and even harbor an interest in vocal music. They also foster appreciation of music in the students. Elementary music teachers may work full time or part time in schools. Mentioned below is the elementary music teacher job description, along with the requirements to be one.

In order to become a music teacher for elementary school students, or for that matter any other standard, you need to be sound both in educational as well as knowledge regarding music. The educational and training requirements for an elementary music teacher may vary according to the state, but you need to possess basic knowledge regarding your field of expertise.

There are several music colleges which offer courses regarding instrumental as well as vocal music. However, apart from the degree, a keen interest in music will be an additional benefit. So if you are a member of your church choir, or have a music band of your own, then you can also add an additional feather to your cap by becoming a music teacher. The courses offered for the graduate program are music theory, music history, and basic keyboard skills. These courses may help the candidate in teaching harmony, providing basic accompaniment, and studying scores.

To become a music teacher, you may have to study music in your graduate program. A bachelor's degree in music education is expected in many schools. However, some schools also hire teachers who have an elementary education degree with a minor in music. You may have to perform certain duties in making students of the fifth, sixth grade, and sometimes even students from kindergarten more familiar with music.

You can teach students the basics of music and give them experience by helping them perform ensembles. Lessons on vocal and instrumental music can help students familiarize with the various genres of music. Instructions on the basic aspects of music like chords, notation, scales, rhythm and pitch is taught to the students. You can also hone their skills by setting up performances for the social day. You have to have ample patience when it comes to teaching students of the elementary grade.

The salary of an elementary music teacher may vary according to the nature of job and also on the years of experience. However, the average salary of an elementary teacher may be approximately USD 50,505 on an annual basis. With experience, you can also expect the remuneratio

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